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Surfing and waterskiing in the Dodecanese

On the breaking waves, things are equally exciting. For surfing and kite surfing, you’ll head to Rhodes, Karpathos and Kos. You’ll find water skiing and wakeboarding at organized beaches throughout the Dodecanese. Almost everywhere, there are facilities, trainers, equipment and certified schools where you can take surfing and water ski lessons.

On every Greek island and on beaches all around the coastline of the mainland, there are watersports options for beginners and experts alike.

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You can go windsurfing on most beaches and, if you’re a beginner, many have schools and instructors on hand so you can take lessons as well as rent equipment. Those places provide special accommodation options where both you and your equipment are welcome.

Another highly popular destination for windsurfers and kite surfers alike, Rhodes also has the advantage of having an airport with flights from a wide range of international destinations.

Prasonissi, on Rhodes southern tip is probably the most famous windsurfing location for more experienced surfers, featuring some of the strongest winds. Theologos, Ialisos, Ixia and Paradeisi are all also good options with a number of windsurfing clubs offering lessons for all ages.

One of the oldest clubs in Greece is Windsurfers’ World on the bay of Ixia which has been operating for three decades. According to the club’s instructors, the bay offers a range of conditions suitable for all abilities. Specifically, the in the morning the winds tend to be lighter and the sea flatter creating the perfect conditions for beginner and intermediate lessons. As the day progresses the wind customarily strengthens, peaking in intensity in the afternoon when the bay becomes a playground for freestylers and freeracers.

Located in the southeastern Aegean, Karpathos has some of the strongest and most reliable winds in the country so it is no surprise that windsurfing is by now well-established. The location with the best conditions is Afiartis near the southern tip of the island where several organized surf clubs operate only a few minutes away at the airport.

Two surf stations relatively close to each other. The first is on Chicken Bay where the protected bay, flatter waters and less powerful winds create conditions good for beginners. The more experienced head to nearby Gun Bay where true highwind windsurfing is on offer with winds that regularly pass 7 Beaufort. It is not by chance that the area has hosted world speed racing competitions in the past.

Many clubs operate across Kos thanks to the island’s reliable and steady winds. The most famous locations are Mastichari, Kefalos, Aghios Stefanos, Psalidi and Lambi, and as in most of the Aegean, the winds are strongest in June, July and August.

Predominantly cross-offshore winds create a flat-water sailing area good for intermediates and beginners in the morning, and freestyle tricksters and speed hounds later in the day when the wind picks up.

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Conditions in the country, one of Europe’s most popular kite surfing havens, combine to create a kite surfer’s paradise; whether for beginners looking to practice in a safe bay with steady winds, advanced kite surfers seeking something beyond elementary standards, or just anyone interested in engaging in this water sport during the winter season Greece’s best kite surfing locations.

Rhodes is a great starting point in your kitesurfing journey. It’s easy to reach by air and provides a very safe, uncrowded 2km long beach with sideshore and side-on-shore winds. At the end of an intense windy day, you can enjoy the lava-red sunset right on the beach or go to one of the many bars & restaurants on the island. With 300 days of sunshine a year and strong side winds, Rhodes is one of the best Greek islands for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Theologos beach, near Rhodes airport, is fantastic for kiters of all levels, as the conditions allow them to jump many meters out of the water. In addition, the beach has brand new surf equipment rental shops. Oth - er kitesurfing spots in Rhodes to consider are Prassonissi and Ixia, where the open shoreline makes learning water sports fun and easy. On the west coast of Rhodes, Ialyssos beach offers excellent spots.

Far away from mass tour - ism, Karpathos is certainly one of the best Greek islands for windsurfing and therefore kite - surfing. It is an island where this sport is developing rapidly and it is only in recent years that it has become known to surfers from all over the world. The most popular beach for windsurfing in Karpathos is Afiartis. There are strong and warm winds in this area and a few surf clubs have opened re - cently.

From noon until sunset, the summer wind makes Kos one of the best Greek islands for kitesurfing. The beach of Psal - idi is an exceptional place for kitesurfing in Kos, with regular sea winds in high season. To the southwest of the island is the windiest place on Kos, the beach of Kefalos. Mastihari is also known as a water sports center with many centers along the beach. Kitesurfing equip - ment, lessons and advice are available at all spots.

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If you’re into waterskiing, you’ll find a plethora of options in the Dodecanese. You can waterski at many of the organized beaches of the islands. There are many clubs, among them the Waterski Federation, which organizes annual competitions.

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Although a relatively new sport, wakeboarding also has a fanatical following in the Dodecanese islands. The most popular wakeboarding locations are: Rhodes: Trianta, Fanes, Prasonissi, Theologos

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Wing Foiling

Wing Foiling is the hottest new watersport! A fast growing trend sport on the water, combining kitesurfing and windsurfing. We are proud that CCID puts Rhodes and the Dodecanese islands on the map of the Wing Foil community through organizing&hosting the GWA Wingfoil Race Class European Championship Greece 2022 in Rhodes.

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