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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dodecanese (CCID)

History of establishment and operation.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Dodecanese (CCID) was established in June 30, 1949 (Greek Government Gazette I 142 of June 30, 1949) as “Central Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Dodecanese - CCID”, in an effort of the Greek state to harmonize the Regulatory Law in the region of the Dodecanese, which was officially integrated one year earlier (March 7, 1948). The CCID kept its autonomous activity until the April 12, 1988, when it was merged with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kalymnos and Kos (Greek Government Gazette 67/ Presidential Decree 153).

Moreover, by decision of the Prefect of the Dodecanese (September 9, 1989), annexes of the CCID in Kalymnos and Kos were established. According to the Presidential Decree 278 of August 5, 1996 - Greek Government Gazette I 197 of August 27, 1996), CCID services are structured in one Directorate with three departments: Administrative & Financial, Registry & ICT and Industry & Commerce.

Since 2007 the CCID has ISO 9001:2000 Certificate for its operations and since 2009 Certificate of Professional Competence for Managers.

Today, CCID comprises the following departments: Administrative & Financial Department, General Commercial Registry, Registry & ICT, Industry & Commerce. Represents more than 24,000 member companies in the Dodecanese, has its headquarters in Rhodes, 2 Branches (one in Kos and one in Kalymnos) and 2 Business Service Points (in Karpathos and Leros).

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Short description of CCID-activities

At the initiative of the CCID, actions took place in order to attract low-cost airlines to the area, with a view to extend the tourist season during the winter. In its aim to highlight and promote the perspectives of every island of the Dodecanese in the field of developing alternative kinds of tourism, at the initiative of the CCID and DETAP, hard-copy and audiovisual material was produced for the promotion of:

  • Diving Tourism in Leros
  • Climbing Tourism in Kalymnos
  • Religious Tourism in Patmos
  • AegeanCuisine
  • Maritime Tourism in the Dodecanese


Address: 8, Grigoriou Lambraki str,
postal code 85131, Rhodes , Greece
Tel. +30 22410 44200
Fax: +30 22410 44242
e-mail: info@ebed.gr
URL: www.ebed.gr
President: Ioannis G. Pappou
Number of members: 24.178 (April, 2022)
Board of Directors: 51 members -
Administrative Committee: 7 members
Sectors: Trade, Manufacture, Touristic,

ioannis pappou

Ioannis G. Pappou

President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Dodecanese

Maritime Tourism is a key pillar of support for the local economy and enrichment of our provided tourism product, which is the main challenge in the new landscape that unfolds in front of us and in which we will be called to coexist, cooperate and co-operate.

Maritime tourism in all its forms, attracts visitors of high social and economic level and contributes catalytically to the overall upgrading of the tourist product of the Aegean and each island separately. The development of maritime tourism, constitutes a necessary precondition for the support of the local economy and the enrichment of our provided tourism product, introducing new prospects. Maritime tourism, along with the parallel development of activities, can function either individually or in concert with other forms of tourism, creating a nexus of initiatives, thus providing high added value to our tourism product. The marinas of the Dodecanese islands, the tourist ports, the tourist sailboat shelters and the yachting moorings, constitute the basis for the strategic formulation of a new maritime policy and taking of measures to constitute Greek yachting competitive, able to constantly gain ground and establish itself within our visitors’ travel habits.

Our 15 islands and rocky islets, with thousands of kilometers of coastline, uniquely alluring beauties, bright sun and crystal-clear waters, comprise the guarantees to enable the Dodecanese to become the number one yachting tourism destination.

As the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Dodecanese we are committed to promote the joint claim of incentives for the development of maritime tourism, making Greek yachting strong and adding value to the tourist product of the Dodecanese islands.