Welcome to Kalymnos

Welcome the opportunity to visit the “island of the sea sponge harvesters”, an internationally known alternative tourism destination. Did you know that after WWII Kalymnos remained the only Greek sponge-harvesting industry supplying both domestic and international markets with sea sponges the first picture to see upon arriving on the island is Pothia, both the capital and the port of Kalymnos, spreading amphitheatrically on two hills. Visit among others the castle of Chrissoheria and the Archaeological Museum. Set out on a day trip to the traditional settlement of Horio, the former capital of the island, and admire interesting Byzantine monuments (like the Great Castle). The early-Christian settlement at Elinika is a must-see, since it is perhaps the best-preserved settlement in Greece. A perfect occasion to visit the island would be the International Climbing Festival in May, a unique festival that will thrill the action fans! The culinary enthusiasts should taste mouthwatering delights, such as sweet-smelling thyme honey, juicy tangerines, homemade mizithra cheese, delicious sea-dried lobster tail, and sea ray preserved in sea water!

Ports & Anchorages

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