Welcome to Karpathos

An island blessed with an abundance of streams, pine-tree forests, vineyards, olive groves, rocky caves (which are actually home to monachus monachus) and mountainous landscapes, Karpathos is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and lovers of deep-rooted tradition. The villages of the island seem like open folklore museums, whereas their inhabitants are still dressed in old traditional costumes, and speak their local, old dialect. The rich folklore tradition of villages, such as Olympos and Mesohori, will weave a powerful spell over you. Even if you are a wind surfing fan, “anemoessa” Karpathos (“she of the many winds”, according to Homer) is the perfect place to exercise your favorite sport. Visit also Karpathos during Easter or Carnival time and participate with the locals in celebrations that will remain in your memory forever!

Ports & Anchorages

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